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Paying Child Support with No Job

Paying Child Support with No Job

Paying child support is an essential responsibility of a parent. In most cases, there is hardly any option where you can avoid paying child support amount. Read the whole article to know some rational ways for paying child support with no job.

Understanding Child Support

Child support is a monetary amount you pay to cover the necessary expenses of your offspring till they reach the legal age. In Alberta and all across Canada, child support is considered a fundamental right of a child. Parenthood is entitled to pay child support with giving it the utmost financial priority.

According to the Federal Guidelines of Alberta, the age of the majority is 18. That means you have to provide child support amount to your offspring till they are 18. After the divorce (sometimes separation), you or your partner have to pay a specific amount as your obligatory parental duty. Usually, this issue is discussed in the formal divorce agreement.

However, in some unexpected circumstances, a parent might become unable to pay the child support for a certain duration. The issue of child support usually arises when parents are getting a divorce or a separation.

Common Reasons of Inability To Pay Child Support

The court has the ultimate authority to make the verdict declaring a parent financially unable to make the child support payment. The court thoroughly investigates and scrutinizes your plea for granting termination of paying child support.

However, the court usually considers the following grounds to allow you to skip paying child support:

Undue Hardship

“Undue hardship” refers to a parent’s financial situation where their income is significantly lower than the total household income. A parent can apply on this ground to skip paying child support. The court may allow exemption from paying child support for a certain duration. On the other hand, the court can reduce the amount payable for child support.

Sudden Unemployment

If a parent suddenly loses their job, that person can place a formal request to postpone the child support temporarily. However, the judge will ask you to submit other financial documents to verify the rationality and authenticity of your claim.

To avoid being accused of fraudulent consult a family lawyer beforehand. This will help you to understand the validity and chances of acceptance of your claim.

Payer’s Disability

If the payor parent of child support is suffering from any form of disability, they can apply to avoid paying child support.

Do I Pay Child Support If I Have No Income?

With or without a job, you have to pay your child support amount unless a court order says otherwise

Despite being unemployed, there are few feasible options to pay your child support amount. To pay the financial support on time is beneficial for both you and your child. You will not have to bear the burden of the late payable amount on your finance. On the bright side, your child will not face any adversity caused by financial insolvency.

The legal system of Alberta considers the following as alternative sources to pay child support amount:

Self-employment Income

Many people are starting self-employment income to ensure a stable flow of income. If you lose your full-time job, the court will ask you to pay the amount from self-employment income. Though some self-employment income cannot generate handsome earning, nowadays, few self-employment incomes get you more liquid cash than much full-time job.

Unemployment Benefits

If you are the paying parent who has lost the job, you will receive Unemployment Insurance benefits. In this usual scenario, you have to pay your child support installment from the benefit amount you receive.

You may require a lawyer’s assistance here to adjust your current income with the instruction of line 150 of Canadian tax return law.

Various Passive Income & Personal Savings

Losing a job does not mean you have become financially broke overnight. In this digital age, many individuals have a passive source of income. For instance, they earn from social media content monetization. Traditionally, you might have an investment in the share market. These are excellent instances of smart passive income sources.

In addition to the above-listed sectors, it is highly common for individuals to have savings at banks. The court will have a look at your entire financial statement. Then the court can order your bank to pay the amount for child support from your savings account.

What Happens If You Have No Job and Have to Pay Child Support

There are some primary steps to follow when you lose your job. It is crucial and highly recommended that you follow the guideline.

Self-Assessing Monetary Strength

Firstly, you have to assess your financial status to get a comprehensive idea of the probable outcome of losing the job. Particularly, you should estimate how many months you can keep paying child support until getting another job.

Notifying Maintenance Enforcement Program

You are paying your child support amount through Maintenance Enforcement Program (MEP). Then you should immediately formally report to the MEP informing your condition.

If you need to stop paying child support with no job for a certain duration, the sooner you take action, the better.

Apply For a Stay of Enforcement

A stay of enforcement refers to a court order that pauses the monthly collection of MEP. You usually need to hire a lawyer to accelerate the process of getting a stay of enforcement. Remember, the maximum duration for a stay of enforcement is nine months.

Applying For a New Placement

You must keep applying for new job opportunities as instant as possible.  The court will look carefully into your effort of getting a new job.

Exhibit genuineness of your efforts in pursuit of a new placement.

Contact a Lawyer for Assistance
When in doubt regarding applying for a temporal pause or reducing child support amount, consulting a professional legal expert is your best option. Hiring a layer is far better than seeking help for those with no in-depth knowledge of related laws.

Advice From Financial Experts

As you are paying child support, you should have a contingency plan. According to financial experts, you should consider such an unexpected situation even though it seems highly unlikely. The simple advice is to save a logical amount to cover up during difficult times.


Paying child support with no job will have a bad impact on your finance. Moreover, it gives a wrong impression of you as a parent to your children. If necessary, contact your ex-partner and explain your situation for the time being. Child support means your marriage is already ruined. Now do not let financial issues damage your parental relationship with your offspring any further.